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The Reservoir Finance team comes from a variety of backgrounds who all have years of experience in banking. As creative problem solvers, the team does not take no for an answer and will always try and find you the most ideal solution for your goals and personal circumstances. Contact us using the form below today and we will gladly chat with you about your goals for yourself, your business or your investment portfolio.

Warren Reservoir Finance

Warren Wang

Founder & Director

Qualifications: BMath, MPA, Dip Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

The founder and director of Reservoir Finance with a background in Mathematics, Accounting, and Finance. Warren has been working in the mortgage broking industry for over five years and a believer in what he is doing to help Australians to achieve financial freedom in the long run. Warren has Platinum/Premium status with multiple major lenders.

Bei Gao

Finance Broker - Home Loans, Commercial Loans and Personal Loans

Qualifications: Cert IV Fin & Mort Brokering, MFAA Member

Bei has been in the finance industry for over 6 years and is now working closely with Financial Advisers and Real Estate agents in assisting their customers in achieving their financial and property goals.

Bei has broad experience with Home Loans, Commercial Loans and Personal Loans. She facilitates finance through: major lenders, small lenders and other lenders who can offer niche offerings that most normal lenders can’t offer.

With a focus on building strong relationships with her customers, Bei works with them to not only facilitate their initial finance needs but also ongoing support with their finance thus building a great customer experience.

bei gao - reservoir finance mortgage broker
Shirley Reservoir Finance

Shirley Yu

Senior Finance Broker - Home Loans

Qualifications: BCom, MFin, Cert IV Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

With over 6 years in both major and non-major banks, Shirley has extensive experience in the banking industry which gives her a good understanding of the banking logic. She is specialised in helping clients structure the loans in their best interests and guiding them to achieve financial freedom.

Kevin Cheng

Finance Broker - Home Loans

Qualifications: MPA, MFin, Cert IV Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

Kevin has over three years lending experience, being specialised in non-resident lending. He is well equipped with lender knowledge, not only with major lenders, but also smaller funders who are offering niche products including those designed for non-residents and self-employed clients.
Kevin Reservoir Finance
Arthur Reservoir Finance

Arthur Zheng

Finance Broker - Home Loans

Qualifications: BFin, MFin, Cert IV Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

With over three years of major bank experiences, he has quickly moved into mortgage broking space with his experiences and knowledge. He is hardworking and well recognised for his customer services. He understands the clients’ financial goals properly and provides financial recommendations both in the short run and long run.

Krystal Wu

Finance Broker - Commercial Loans

Qualifications: BFin, MFin, Cert IV Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

Krystal has previous overseas investment banking experiences and is well equipped in understanding lending and industry policies. She is very sensitive in numbers and well understands the financial market. Krystal specialises in commercial lending.
Krystal Reservoir Finance
Terry Reservoir Finance

Terry Yang

Finance Broker - Home Loans

Qualifications: BAcc, Cert IV Fin & Mort Brok, FBAA Member

Terry has been a property guru in other parts of the real estate industry before passionately moving on to offering mortgage broking services. With his finance background and industry experiences, Terry has been praised as an all-round mortgage broker offering handy extra suggestions and advices in regards to properties.

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