Income Annualisation Calculator

Just got a pay rise? Or started a new job? Our income annualisation calculator below can help you get a grasp on how lenders will view your annualised income based on your year to date earnings. Income is an important factor when banks assess you for an application for a loan as it impacts your overall serviceability (ability to pay for the loan) and borrowing capacity (how much can you borrow from the lender). Each bank may calculate annual income differently. Speak with one of our brokers today to find a bank that’s favourable for your situation.

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Want to maximise your borrowing capacity or ensure you can pay off a loan?

When applying for a loan or refinancing, it is good to have an understanding of your annual income. However it is only one part of a wider picture of your entire personal circumstances which lenders factor in when applying for a loan or refinancing. Speak with one of our brokers today to get a free assessment of your entire personal circumstances and let us help you find the lender most suited to your goals, your personal situation and financial situation.

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