Construction Loan Calculator

We are quite disappointed with all the construction loan calculators that are available in Australia. They are either hard to understand or a simple repayments calculator that had nothing to do with the different stages of construction, progress payments or drawdown amount. This means you cannot effectively plan the finances for your construction loan!

So we built our own!

Introducing Reservoir Finance’s Construction Loan Calculator where we can help you understand the interest repayments at each stage of your construction project! It does require knowledge of the construction loan process. If you’re stuck on how to use it, scroll past for more detailed instructions. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via phone or using the form below.

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Construction Loan Calculator
Construction Loan Calculator

Fixed Price Building Contract Price (inc. GST)
Owner Contribution
Loan Amount Required
Interest Rate

Loan RequiredNumber of DaysDrawdown AmountCurrent InterestCumulative Interest
Base Stage
Frame Stage
Lockup Stage
Fixing Stage

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Using the Reservoir Finance construction loan calculator

To use this calculator, you will need to have the details of your fixed construction contract ready. This will help you complete the necessary figures for each stage of construction, the building process and the progress payments related to it.

The Loan Required section is based on the calculated Loan Amount Required section at the top of the calculator. You will need to provide an estimate percentage in order to reflect the correct progress payment for each stage.

You should also have an estimated schedule from your builder indicating how many days each stage will take.

The output of this calculator will inform you the interest expenses for each stage.

Interested in a construction loan?

Getting funding for building your dream home or a major renovation project can be difficult. Partnering with a strong mortgage broker can help you navigate the challenges and help you watch out for traps.

At Reservoir Finance, we believe we are a cut above other providers as we seek to put your interests and dreams first (yes, over our profits). Our experienced team has worked with clients from all different backgrounds and we will strive to help you find a solution to the problems you might face in the building process.

We are so confident in our ability that we do not charge upfront (or any) fees to 99% of our clients. We even offer a free strategy session where we help analyse your financial situation, your goals and provide you with recommendations on how to achieve them. It is obligation free! If you have any questions or are keen to work with us, contact us below or feel free to call us on (02) 8288 9123. We would love to help you out!

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