Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial loan repayments are structured the same way as a typical residential home loan. This means that a commercial loan will typically have the following components:

  • Principal repayment
  • Interest Repayment
  • Upfront Costs
  • Yearly Fees
  • Exit Fees
  • Repayment Type (such as Principal and Interest Repayments or Interest Only)
  • Term (how many years do you have to pay this commercial loan back)
  • Interest Rate
  • Payment Frequency
The main differences between a commercial loan and a residential home loan are the interest rates (commercial loans are higher), term (commercial loans can have shorter term of around 15 years) and the legal terms (commercial loans have more complexity). When it comes to working out the repayments, as long as you have the loan amount, the interest rate and the loan term, you can use our commercial loan  repayments calculator below to estimate the monthly repayments on a commercial loan.
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We understand commercial loans can be complex, especially when it comes to preparing an application as well as navigating each lender’s valuation method to determine which loan would be best for you. Given its complex nature, working with an expert mortgage broker such as Reservoir Finance who specialises in commercial loans can be a great asset to your team of advisors.

Reservoir Finance is an independent mortgage broker (not owned by a bank), which gives us access to a large network of lenders enabling us to find loans for your real estate purchase. Whether you are trying to purchase a warehouse, residential real estate, fund a child care centre development or an apartment project, we will be able to provide you with different lender options best suited for your needs.

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